5 of the Stupidest Things Parents are Guilty of Saying to Kids

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. It’s hard to maintain an air of calm and cool all the time. Sooner or later, we all crack under pressure and when we do, we’ve likely said one of these stupid things to our kids.
1. “I’ll buy it if you stop crying.”
You’re in the supermarket and your child flips out over a candy bar. In order to keep the peace, you may cave in and give them what they want. Now your child is happy and quiet, but you’ve just taught them a very poor lesson which is that if they scream, cry, and behave badly, you’ll reward them. Stupid!
2. “Eat your food. There are children starving in Africa.”
Ok, so to be fair, there are children starving in Africa. There are also adults starving there too. And there are millions more people all over the world who are starving. Kids don’t see the bigger picture. If you want them to be grateful for the food on their plate, the clothes on their back, the roof over their heads and the toys in their room, take them somewhere where you and your children can make a difference by giving back. You’re not going to get them to eat their food with this stupid, idle threat. Or you can read "When Your Child Won't Eat or Eats Too Much" This book was very helpful and enlightening with regard to my 6 year old son
3. “Clean up your room or I’m throwing all your toys out!”
It’s beyond frustrating when your child’s room looks like a war zone. And when you ask your child to put their things up and are met with hostility, it’s tempting to tell them you’ll be throwing out all their things. Unfortunately for you though, your child knows this is stupid because those things cost money and you’re not going to throw them away. 
4. “I’m going to turn this car around right now!”
You’re on your way to meet family for dinner, or perhaps to a class or sporting event you’ve shelled out good money for. So when your kids start trying to kill each other in the back and ignore your repeated, polite requests to knock it off, you might explode with this threat. It’s stupid because you’re not going to turn the car around, and your kids are well aware of it.
5. “Just you wait until your mom/dad gets home!”
Every parent should wear an equal amount of the pants in the family. Telling your child to wait until the other parent gets home to presumably flip out about their bad behavior shows your child that you have no control whatsoever. It will also cause your child to fear your partner. Give your child the punishment now because immediate consequences for bad actions must be had.
If you think back, you can probably recall some of the stupid things your own parents said to you. Be mindful of what you tell your children and when you do slip up and say one of these famously idiotic things, let your child know that even parents make mistakes. 
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