5 Dangerous Parenting Habits that You Do Without Noticing

Every parent has their own way of parenting. But certain parenting habits are so harmful that they’ll do irreparable damage. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at work or succumb to the stress around you, but if you’re guilty of these 5 habits, take a step back and figure out a better parenting solution.
1. Not paying enough attention
Every day, devote some time to each of your children, even if it is only 10 minutes. Put down your smartphone, step away from your laptop and remember to truly connect with your child instead of your technological devices. If you pay more attention to these other things, your child will begin acting out to obtain your attention. 
2. Being more of a friend than a parent
It’s so tempting to be the “cool” mom, but the coolest parent of all is one who sets limits for their children. Children need boundaries and rules so that they grow into productive and effective adults. You’re doing your children no favors if you don’t enforce the rules you set because you will just be allowing your children to walk all over you.
3. Never acknowledging your own mistakes
Children need to know that adults make mistakes and that it’s okay. Part of learning in life is trial and error. Raising children to think that they can’t make mistakes and learn from those mistakes will cause them to be fearful of trying. 
4. Only calling out bad behavior
Often times, parents will be so entranced with their child sitting quietly and reading or playing nice with another child that they will forget to praise it. This is particularly important for younger children because when you praise them for good behavior and make a big deal of it, you are 10 times more likely to get a repeat performance of that good behavior. 
5. Praising successes instead of efforts
While participation trophies are certainly enraging, just because your child doesn’t win the game or didn’t get the highest score in class doesn’t mean he or she isn’t worthy of praise. If your child has been practicing or studying, make sure to let them know you see their efforts and think they’re remarkable for continuing to give it their all every time. 
If any of these dangerous parenting trends sound familiar, it’s time to think of a better way to handle things. It’s never too late to make a change for the better, and it serves as a perfect teachable moment for your child too. They need to see that adults can bounce back from mistakes, even ones like these. 
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