3 tips to develop a positive attitude and stop complaining

Being grateful for what you are having, for your life and to others, is also a key to staying positive. This can really help you stay focused on the positives in your social interactions and your life.
Be grateful that means you know and enjoy what you have. The past is the past, and there is nothing to do to change it. Remember the negative experiences and the mistakes in the past are useless - except they depress you. Focus on what you have today may be a very good exercise. Look where you are in life, instead of focusing on loupes opportunities of the past. All your achievements, people who support you, the sources of happiness in your life right now. This includes almost everything: your job, your friends, your family, your goals and everything.
Another important point is to show that you appreciate the other. If there is someone in your life that had a positive influence in your life one day, either a mentor or someone who supported you in a difficult period, or just one of your best friends: tell him! You could invite that person to dinner, see a movie, and give him a small gift. You could just write a card or letter and let him know that you appreciate what he is or what he did. All these options form very strong gestures and have the benefit of making you and your friend feel happy. It is very effective to develop a positive attitude.
SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (Positive creates positive)
One of the most important points is your social environment. It is common to say "you are what you eat", and it's true: if you eat healthily, you will be healthy, you eat fat, and you probably will end up overweight.
The people with whom you spend your time play a very big effect on your mood and attitude. True, negative people tend to hang out with other negative people. Very often a source of conflict happens between you and some people who annoy you. This person may interfere with you because he can show a character trait that you do not like, often lazy or disrespectful or he tends to lie or other negative traits.
If someone gives you that kind of feeling, then you should consider spending less time with him. A trap that many people fall is that they want to help each other to grow, to change, but it's impossible. Change is done first by his will.
The important thing to remember is: spend time with positive people, you will become more positive. This will influence your character and attitude.
Moods tend to be uncontrollable, and are vulnerable to the famous vicious circles. One reason why some people adopt a negative attitude is that they are already in a negative mindset, then it is too late, they are in a spiral. And most do not realize this state and then become self-destructive!
The next step is to apply ALL of these concepts and continue to listen to your emotions and sensations! If you feel that you fall into this downward spiral, you need to step back and ventilate your mind. Do something you like, or change activities to distract you. Once you are out of this negative mood, you can assess your situation (looking on the bright side of course) and make the necessary changes.
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