15 Ways To Drive Your Partner Crazy And Make Them Fall For You

How do you instantly make someone fall under your spell? If you want someone to be crazy about you, there are a number of things you can start doing today. Once you know all the tricks hidden in your mind and how to put them to use, they will be under your spell in no time. The tricks below will help you achieve whatever ultimate goal you want from your partner. 
Not only will you be getting all the attention you can handle from your 'would be partner', it will also help with your personal improvement. 
1. Act naturally
No matter what stage we are in life, we don't want fake friends hanging around. We all want someone who we can be open and real with. This can only be achieved if the other person is just as real and chilled by being themselves. If you try to transform yourself too much it won’t last and will eventually unravel. Just be natural and comfortable with you are and get going!
2. Be spontaneous 
Sometimes predictability can become boring. If your partner is unpredictable, they will often come up with new ways to spread joy and to make you laugh at any time in your life. You will definitely be surprised when your partner does something unpredictable and takes a plunge into exciting experiences. Spontaneity is definitely one of the keys to happiness. 
3. Be independent 
It would be nice to have your parent’s money to live off of for your entire life, but this generation wants to achieve their own success and happiness. Today due to the modernization concept, independence for both men and women is very similar. You have to know what you want and you have to be very clear about it. An independent woman impresses most men and increases the stature of the woman in the man's mind. Who wants to deal with a partner who is clingy and needy all the time? Women should be independent and strong on their own and not have to rely on anyone else for survival. This independent quality will hook any open-minded man.  
4. Be confident  
One of the great things in life is people only see that you show them. They usually don't have any interest in how you got to that level. They can only perceive you by how you present yourself in front of them. Even if you are not fully confident at the start, don't give up. You might have to fake confidence until you grow into it. The great thing is that it can easily be done by anyone. Confidence is a very appealing and captivating quality that a partner can easily fall for. If you are naturally shy, try setting that aside for a while and just relax and have a good time! 
5. Look him/her in the eyes 
Looking deeply into his eyes will get things going, if it is done at the right time. It could be magical and might get you exactly what you are looking for. Even if you have tried the other tips on this list, this one will definitely stir up emotions. 
6. Surprise Surprise! 
We all love surprises, a simple change or something unexpected goes a long way. Try surprising him with various sides of your life. If he sees you lady like most of the time always immaculately dressed, spice your look up with something completely different. Were you the straight arrow in school? Let your fun and crazy side out, he'll love it. 
7. Let your fun side out 
No one wants a boring or unspontaneous date. We all love that fun loving person in our life. Don't fall into the usual girly girl trap by being engrossed in the latest fashions all the time. Of course, you should be well groomed, but don't overdo it. Men are attracted to women who are fun loving and adventurous. Men will be gaga over girls who let their wild and crazy side out sometimes.
8. Don’t be high maintenance 
Men are easily bored with high maintenance women. There is nothing new or exciting to discover about them. Guys are attracted to well-groomed girls, but they are turned off if it is overdone. Men love girls who are comfortable with what they have. Men are not overly concerned about a woman's body type or how she dresses as long as she's happy with herself.
9. Always leave him wanting more 
Always leave him wanting more! Men love fighting for what they want. This includes the chase, especially if they know they will be successful at the end. A bit of resistance is good, most men like that. If you are too easy, there is no challenge and he won't be as crazy for you. Let him know that he will need to do some work to get on your good side.  
10. Smell good 
Don't overlook this seemingly superficial point. Men are very attracted to women who smell great. So ladies, if you want to smite a man from the very beginning, make sure you smell good. 
11. Don’t be insecure 
This might be easier said than done as it is challenging to control your insecurities and emotions on a date. You have to learn to control your insecurities if you want a successful relationship. When men show interest in you, know that he is attracted to you and finds you beautiful. He will be
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