10 Most Terrifying Flights Ever

Many people today use airlines to get where they are going quickly. From making it to a family reunion to attending a business conference airlines are a fast and easy way to travel. However, there are mishaps that happen despite all the precautions used to prevent them. In the video '10 Most Terrifying Flights Ever' a few of the flights that have experienced trouble have been covered. From flying into a flock of birds to a fake suicide bomber, flights are at risk every time they leave the ground.
First there was United Airlines Flight 840. Everything was going smoothly until a ways into their flight. A flock of birds came along and many of the animals got caught up in the engines causing trouble and forcing the plane to turn around.

Then of course there was the fake suicide bomber on Egypt Airlines Flight MS181. This was a terrifying ordeal for all those on the flight and for their family members who were waiting to see what would happen. Thankfully this hijacking was a fake one and no one was killed or injured, unlike those on the planes hijacked on 9/11.

Engine failure and turbulence are two other hazards associated with flying. Both can be dangerous. Engine failure is viewed as the worst of the two and with good reason. If an engine fails the chances of getting to safety are not as high as they would be if turbulence was the only factor.

Flying through storms can also be a major problem. In 2015 Delta Flight 1889 was flying through a thunderstorm and the hail from that storm shattered the windows of the cockpit. This damage made it where the pilot and co-pilot could not see but thankfully they were still able to land safely. Snowstorms have also caused problems for flights. Thankfully the ones that encountered storms in this video ended with no one being killed, although several were injured.
There are many dangers to flying, the ones listed above are just a few of them. However, that could also be said of any mode of travel. The airlines today are more advanced and the planes are better made than when people first began to fly. Airlines do their very best to prevent the dangerous situations covered in this video. However, some things cannot be helped and once in a situation those on board the planes and on the ground try to ensure that everyone gets off safe and sound.
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